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Oh, Reggie is a jolly fellow and loves to bathe in the bracing German Sea (or "North Sea", as the youngsters say it).   He wears the lastest gaily striped bathing costume and just in case it's needed, he carries a life ring. You can't be too careful! And, of course, he is never without his pipe.

Reggie is hand-painted in Suffolk on a real hen's egg and each one is a bit different.  If you want a brief word painted on the life ring, let us know. We're happy to oblige.


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Reggie, The Edwardian Bather Egg

SKU: 2021_00219_1495
  • Each Bather is hand-painted in Suffolk on a blown, free-range hen's egg.  The eggs are extra large. There does seem to be some natural variation, but the hens assure me they certainly FELT extra-large!  Our Edwardian Bathers are fully recycleable and are not a toy.