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Baubles FAQ

  • What is The Rum Lot's returns policy?
    The Rum Lot tries really, really hard to create a great shopping experience but we know that occasionally and rarely a customer is disappointed and wants to return an item. We have a no-questions-asked refund policy for most items. Items exempt from this policy and cannot be returned are sale/stock clearance items, food, cosmetics, clothes that have been worn, and items that the customer has clearly damaged. If your dog has chewed up a bauble, we think you should take the matter up with your dog and not with us. Items must be returned within 30 calendar days from the date on the receipt and must be in good order with the original tags and packaging intact, ready to be resold. The store receipt or The Rum Lot website invoice must be included with the returned item. All refunds will be credited to the credit card or payment method they were paid with. The customer is responsible for packaging, insuring and the return shipping for e-commerce returns. Of course, any item that comes to you by mail that is damaged in any way will be refunded or replaced. A photo of the damage will be appreciated as that helps our case with the courier. You have 30 calendar days from receiving the damaged order to send it back to us.
  • What is The Rum Lot's climate emergency policy?
    That's an easy one to answer. Rubbishing the earth is bad. Our values are to enjoy life and have fun, while doing the right things to be earth-friendly and responsible. We don't have to be dour and preachy about it, so we don't bang on too much about recyclable glitter or carbon-neutral tree toppers. Personally, it makes up happy and cheerful to do the right thing and that include being thrifty, sensible, and treading as lightly on the Earth as we can. We recycle and use recyclable materials whenever possible. Every purchase we make as a company weighs the carbon impact we place on the earth, so we do things like not buying new mailing boxes if we can avoid it and use recyclable materials to cushion and pack with. In our products we use as many local manufacturers as we can find and we are careful with the processes used to make the products we sell. The products we buy are fair trade standard and if we find that a product cannot be made in a way that respects the local workers, economy and environment, then we won't stock it. We're a very small company and we can't send people out to inspect far away factories, but we do what we can and we are careful. Our shop is as energy efficient as an old building can be and in our personal lives we are as climate aware as possible. We don't even own cars! We believe that high quality products are inherently more thrifty and earth-friendly because they will be valued and used longer. We have a horror of cheap, disposable tat and the best thing you can do is decide that when it's time to clear out a bit of clutter that every item you bought from us is "too good to throw away" and you pass it on to a new owner to love. We don't think "fast fashion" and "disposable" is a responsible way to live and so while you see plenty of fun, glitter and glitz in our product line, we believe that you can have a good time and still respect this Earth we all share.
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