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Miss P. Nut-Squirrel has a double-barrelled last name, but a single-minded dedication to finding and hiding her acorns. "It's never too early to save", she clucks briskly, as she goes about her daily chore of gathering and burying nuts. Ninety-five percent of the time she remembers where she buried them, but still forgets where she put her glasses when she's at home. I feel for her.

This Sass & Belle Miss P. Nut-Squirrel Bauble is made of hand-painted glass.

Miss P. Nut-Squirrel Bauble

SKU: 2021_00374_0475
  • Made of sustainable glass, this 11cm tall bauble is fully recyclable.  The Miss P. Nut-Squirrel Bauble is not a toy.