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What's up, Doc! Bugs Bunny is what's up, and you can't get any more up than the wascally wabbit.

This limited edition Bugs was made by the premier stuffed animal manufacturer Steiff and comes complete with the trademark Steiff button in the ear. Bugs is holding a hand-made Christopher Radko glass ornament carrot, so with that combination you have two top rated companies in one unique ornament.  He was made in 1999.

Offically sanctioned by Warner Brothers, Bug was made in a limited edition of 2500 and this one is number 1091.  He come's complete in the box with a Steiff dust bag, original tissue and plastic wrapping and all hang tags still on.  From what I see, the Bugs has been opened for photography and examination, but everything is otherwise unused.

Steiff/Radko Bugs Bunny

SKU: 2021_00252_9900
  • Bugs is made out of mohair by Steiff and the carrot is made of glass by Radko.  He's in great condition, complete with attached tags and interior wrappings.  He's about 7 inches tall.

    He's a toy, but please remove the glass and plastic wrapping before handing him to a child.