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What a hoot! Here are three fantastic and fabulous pooches all dressed up as their favourite celebrity. You have a Michael Jackson doberman-ish, a Marilyn Monroe chihuahua-sh and an Elivs hound dog.


These very high quality pups are lovelingly detailed and made with old world craftsmanship and will be heirloom ornaments to treasure for years to come.


You are buying one ornament of your choice. MJ, MM, or Elvis.

This is a Goodwill of Belgium creation.

Celebrity Dogs

SKU: 2024_01315_2395
Santa is on his way and we expect him to fly in from Belgium sometime in late August.
  • The Celebrity Dogs are  made of glass and a touch of resin and and come in various heights, but about 13 cm tall.  They is  fully recycleable and are not a toy.