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Can't find what you want? Why not have your own, hand-painted bespoke bauble made just for you?   The elves at The Rum Lot will hand-paint what you want on wood. 


You can have a your logo, catch phrase, image or whatever floats your boat painted on a 13cm wood bauble.  These are handpainted baubles, not photographic reproductions.  Each handpainted artwork will be a little bit different, so they won't have a slick, mass-produced look to them, but give a warmer, more personal image to your organisation.


You can have whatever floats your boat painted on a 13cm flat wood bauble. While the standard is the circular round bauble, specialty shapes can be ordered.  Subject matter is only limited by your imagination, so let's talk about it.  Email if you have special instructions or questions.


You are buying 12 baubles.


Corporate Bespoke Wood Bauble (12)

SKU: 2023_00244_8995
Bauble Colour
  • Each bauble is hand-painted on wood here in Suffolk by The Rum Lot elves.  Each one is signed on the back by the artist. They 13cm wide x 2cm, are fully recycleable, and not a toy. 

    Please allow 3 weeks to paint and get in the post.  

    If you want a bauble of a specific subject, please sent the photo to