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Bar-naby Woolrich  has a double-barreled first name like the Suffolk girl who made him.  He's quite proud (in a humble Suffolk way) of his wool coat and while the Suffolk breed are better known for their meat than their wool, he'd much rather you concentrate on admiring his wool and not his mutton.  

Since Baa-naby and his kin are handmade, each one is a unique individual and all are slightly different. 

Baa-naby, the Suffolk Sheep

SKU: 2020_00129_0850
  • Baa-naby is made of 100% felted wool, glass bead eyes, and wood, and is made here in the UK exclusively by a Rum Lot artisan.  He is totally recycleable and while he's cuddly (in a dignified Suffolk please-don't-get-too-touchy-I'm-not-French sort of way) he's not a toy.