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Once upon a time 2 intrepid British explorers were traversing the Himalayas. It was getting about 4-ish, so they stopped for a short sit down and, of course, set up the kettle.  Soon the smell of Earl Grey wafted over the mountain.

Suddenly, out of the gloom charged in a huge white monster, his great grinning fangs gleaming in the dusk, roaring "Ya...EE...tee!!".  This frightened the explorers so much they ran back down the mountain and told the nearest villagers what they saw.  The wise villagers nodded and said "Yes, the Yeti!"

Back up at the camp, the monster sat down, poured himself a nice cuppa and grinned. "Yay!! Tea!!" he said. 

Yay!! Tea!! Yeti

SKU: 2023_00015_1175
  • Our tea-loving Yeti is made out of proper Earth-friendly felt and made in fair trade workshops in Nepal.  He's 13cm x 8cm and made of 100% wool.  The maker says he's suitable for 3 years old and up.