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Bring health and happiness...and repel all bad spirits...with this lovely, hand-blown spirit ball.  This bauble was specially designed to celebrate good health and while it's not as good as a plate of veggies and a brisk walk, it'll lift your mood on a rainy day.

You can call them spirit balls, witchballs or just plain baubles, but whether you're a believer in the canny powers or not, you can't deny our spirit balls are beautiful things to see glittering in a sunny window. Historically, witch balls were hung in cottage windows in 17th and 18th century England to ward off evil spirits, witches, evil spells, ill fortune and bad spirits.  

This spirit ball is 10cm in diameter and comes packaged.  This item qualifies for FREE shipping to any UK location.

The Healing Spirit Ball

SKU: 2021_00323_1795
  • Our Spirit Balls are hand-made in Britain by Sienna Glass. They are fully recycleable and are not a toy.  Every one has its fair share of magic, installed by The Rum Lot at no extra charge.