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Oh! We Love the Seaside Pail is a darling memory of happy days at the beach. The pail is made of enameled tin and is an authentic miniature replica of a vintage pail. You are buying one pail.

Each pail is hand-painted by our Suffolk artisan with cheerful seaside symbols and themes and each one is different.  We can pick one out for you or we can paint one to order with your own themes, words, names, locations, etc.

Oh! We Love the Seaside Pail

SKU: 2022_00664_0475
  • Each pail is made out of white enameled tin and is hand-painted. They are fully recycleable. They're about 5 cm tall and 6 cm wide.  Custom created designs are non-returnable.   Due to the nature of the paints used to customise them, they are not food or dishwasher safe and should be used for decorative purposes only.

  • The pail is made of enameled tin and is about 5cm tall. The artwork is painted in enamels and is not food or dishwasher safe.  Being made of metal, they are recycleable.