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Morag, the Scots Fisher Girl travels up and down the North Sea coast, following the herring and working by the docks, cleaning and packing the herring when the fishermen have a good catch. Goodness, watch her fingers fly!


She is completely hand-made and is a bespoke doll. Her hand-knitted shawl was knit by an authentic Lowestoft beatster and her body and clothes were made by a Lowestoft artisan. She comes with her dress, pantaloons, a shawl and a straw basket.

Morag is hand-painted from an original design.  Once she is gone, that's it.  Unlike her friends, she won't be back next year with the herring. She's a one of a kind.

Morag, the Scots Fisher Girl

SKU: 2020_00091_9500
  • Morag is made of cotton and polyester. She is washable (very gently, please!).  She is suitable for a child, age 10 or above.