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Garlands! You can hang them anywhere; don't limit yourself to a tree and one holiday season.  They look lovely on a mantlepiece, in a nursery, over a door, or in the case of this Halloween Garland, hanging from a chandelier.  They're quirky, they're special and they're made just for you to last a lifetime of holidays.

The Rum Lot will create a bespoke garland for you that celebrates any theme, not just for Halloween or Christmas. Garland themes could be gardens, seaside, Beatrix Potter and nursery motifs, think of it and we will create it.

The garlands are made with 2 generous metres of a substantial jute rope. The ends are wrapped with ribbon for hanging.  The Rum Lot elves will add 9 ribbons to tie on the baubles, which you can fill up or leave empty, as you like.  Like a charm bracelet for your house, you can have more  baubles added if you wish, just let us know.  If you want a few more ribbons attached, just let us know.

The price will depend on the number and cost of the baubles and since each is bespoke, we will look at your order, add up the baubles and give you a 15% discount on the total of the baubles. The garland rope, ribbons, packaging and shipping are included in that price (FREE!)

As an example, the Halloween garland above would cost £72.45 for the garland and the 9 baubles if bought separately , but bought as a bespoke garland the total comes to £55.50.  The minimum order after all discounts for a bespoke garland is £20.00.

Bespoke Garland

SKU: 2021_00673_0000