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Easter Egg & Ornament Display Ideas

There are hundreds of ways to show off your Easter egg and ornaments collection and create a happy and festive spring display. Displays can be as simple as a bowl with a few well-loved eggs in it or as elaborate as a full sized Easter tree. There's nothing to say you can't have more than one display, either! So the basic principles are... 1- Think of a theme that appeals to you and group your eggs and ornaments by style. 2- Gather containers and props that work with your theme. Look around the house! I bet you have some wonderful bowls, baskets, stuffed rabbits and dolls, large plants, tiered cupcake stands, egg racks, boxes and other containers to use. Be creative and think about temporarily repurposing what you already have. Glitzy, glittery eggs look best with other fabulous, twinkly decorations and will show off well in a glass or metal bowl, tree or basket. Natural, muted eggs look best in a natural container or display that features wood, excelsior or straw. In other words, edit your collection by themes (traditional? vintage? nature? Lux?) and use containers, trees or other props that match your theme.

3- Grouping eggs and props by colour always works well. Grouping by the intensity or saturation of the colour is a good place to start, too. So, neon brights can be grouped together or pastels or rich intense colours. If you have a small display, try to group by three or five. It's more interesting to have an odd

number. If you are creating a display with some height, try to create an overall triangle shape with some short items in the front and tall items in the back.

These are general rules to help beginners and the more experience you have with art and interior design, the more likely you will be to break them and still come out with a fabulous result. Be brave! Here are some pics with ideas to get you started. A theme can be natural and rustic...

Or feature pastels and soft colours like pink and lilac.

Think of themes that are a bit outside of the box such as using rich colours you usually don't associate with Easter. Or use a theme based on a your favourite sport, artist or movie. There are no rules and if there are, then break them!

Traditionally, eggs have been displayed on trees or bushes and hung with ribbons or hooks. They can be indoors or outside, large or small. You can simply cut some nice branches and put them in a vase or pot and go from there. I've found dead trees (small ones!) and put them in a tin basin and filled it with plaster and voila! Instant Easter tree. Pussywillow, forsythia and corkscrew willow all make great branches to use if you're looking for fresh cut branches with some other interest. If you dry out the corkscrew or curly willow (Salix matsudana 'Tortusa') you can use it year after year.

CAUTION!! Whatever you use, make sure it's well weighted at the base and is wide and heavy enough that the decorated top won't tip over. Disaster! You can't go overboard on the weight thing. A Christmas tree is fat at the bottom and light at the top and so the centre of gravity is low. An Easter tree is just the opposite, so once decorated it's easy for them to get tippy.

Another way to display is to group your ornaments on a table. They're lovely as a centrepiece of the dining table or sitting on a sideboard. Try different low sided plates, boxes, cake stands and nests of excelsior or clean straw.

Swags and garlands are another way to display. Tie your eggs and ornaments on a Christmas garland and get two seasons of use out of it! Do you have some pretty flag bunting? Tie or hang ornaments in between the triangles of traditional bunting and hang from a bannister or chimneypiece or over a door or window.

Egg and ornament wreaths will take more effort, but are well worth the work and can be enjoyed for years.

Probably the easiest way to use your eggs is to arrange them around a potted plant. Eggs that can withstand moisture will work best if the plant is living and in soil, but anything goes if the plant is artificial and you don't have to worry about dirt and water.

Take a look in your kitchen. Pretty plates, cake stands, cupcake trees, and egg cups are all good display options.

And, of course, there are baskets and boxes.

More display ideas?

...tin pails and pans,

egg racks,

decorated egg cartons,

wire egg baskets,

commercial display stands,

napkin rings,


A leftover paper egg carton can be spray painted white and then have tissue paper découpage glued on.

There are many, many ways to display your

eggs and other ornaments. You're only limited by your imagination! I hope you've found some inspiration and ideas here and if you have some photos, I'd love to see them! Send your pics and ideas to Happy Easter! Alice

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