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If you're like me, you probably looked up one day and saw that your pretty extensive ornament collection had grown from "generous" to "obsessive". Pretty baubles seem to accumulate, don't they! I started buying baubles and ornaments as souvenirs when I traveled. An ornament was easy to pack and would remind me of my happy days out and yet I didn't feel like I was buying something that would end up being thrown away or was holiday tat. I could buy a pink flamingo ornament and every year at Christmas I would hang it on the tree and remember my trip to Florida. Along with the special ornaments I've purchased to commemorate a trip or event, I have ornaments my mother bought that were on my childhood tree and ornaments my daughter and neighbours made and now at Christmas I have a tree that is more of a memory scrapbook than a "designed" and thematic store display. I like it that way. But there are also serious ornament collectors and now I'm one of them! If you have just realised that you have tipped into an official I-have-a-collection status, then welcome to my world! I'm sure there are more of us out there. In the US there are several clubs, but I haven't found one in the UK. Maybe we should start one! Just to get you start, here's a great article to read about collecting antique ornaments. I'll blog more about them later, but this will get you started. Happy Collecting!

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